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"Some people are better at seeing the future than others, like mentalist Sidney Friedman. ... We love Sidney!"
— Hoda Kotb, TODAY SHOW

"eerily accurate"

— Carrie Seim, NEW YORK POST


"2013's Most Accurate Psychic"


radio show, Art Bell's Dark Matter Radio Network for their year-end evaluation





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"Why do you want to know the future??? Umm, maybe, let it be. It is often best to just allow tomorrow to emerge as a surprise. Right?" says Sidney Friedman.  "But okay," he adds, "for inquiring minds, I'll clue you in. LOL. Do understand though, MOST of the future CANNOT be predicted. It is not meant to be known. Most of the future is unpredictable. That is as it should be. In fact, no one knows PRECISELY what will be. If we know exactly what will happen, the present would not exist. Also, to a large extent, we make the future.  But once in a while the curtain parts ever-so-slightly, revealing a glimpse of tomorrow's theater. We all get these hunches. Through a variety of techniques (explained in my book and seminar), I attempt to interpret what many of these impressions truly mean — often successfully, sometimes not. Always though, my intention of releasing these foresights is for fun and curiosity."





For 24 years, year after year, one person keeps seeing what tomorrow brings, or, well at least 72% of it. :)


Considered by many as the most accurate prognosticator of our time, mentalist / futurist  Sidney Friedman's goal is to present his prescient impressions for fun and intrigue, always with care when he foresees a serious warning, and above all, with honesty when he is wrong and with modesty when he is right.
Yes, at new year's time, psychics come out of the woodwork like gnats at a barn fire, but Sidney Friedman has the credibility of a documented track record of a 72% accuracy (some years as high as 79% and never lower than 62%) for 24 years stating predictions on shows like ABC-TV’s THE VIEW, NBC-TV’s TODAY SHOW, ABC-TV's 20/20, and numerous other local and national TV and radio shows plus publications like FORBES magazine and the NEW YORK POST.


  • This includes an 89% record of predicting OSCAR winners

  • Since he began including economic foresights in 2009, Friedman has been on-target predicting the exact trend of the stock market and unemployment figures in all but one of those years.  

  • Most extraordinary, in 2012, as published in a NEW YORK POST article, January 2nd, 2012, Friedman stated, "Snow was BIG news last year in New York City. This year it's water!!!"  He also predicted, "Strangely, for a short time there is an UNOCCUPYING of Wall Street." As it turned out, both of these foretold the ravaging effects of one of the most unlikely weather incidents for that metropolis, HURRICANE SANDY, when in late October, Wall Street shut down, evacuations occurred, the markets closed, and water flooded much of the city, subways and islands.


Here are the predictions and results for PREVIOUS years:


FULL RESULTS for 2019:

FULL RESULTS for 2018:

FULL RESULTS for 2017:


FULL RESULTS for 2016:


FULL RESULTS for 2015:



FULL RESULTS for 2014:



FULL RESULTS for 2013:



results from years prior:



And here are just a few of Sidney's PREDICTION SUCCESSES over the years: 

A 72% overall accuracy for 21 years of publicly-stated prognostications, including:


1) the earthquake on the east coast in 2011.

2) Obama winning the 2008 election, predicted pre-primaries, against all punditry at that time.

3) Obama winning the 2012 election, including that he'd carry two southern states, which he did with Virginia and Florida.
4) the landing point of Hurricane Floyd, predicted on CBS News.
5) Martha Stewart's legal troubles, predicted on ABC-TV'sTHE VIEW.
6) Martin Scorsese’s Oscar in 2007 after being denied year after year (and SidneySeer is nearly 100% for all his Oscar predictions through the years).
7) the rain falling on the 2017 Presidential Inauguration the moment Donald Trump began his speech. 
8) the prediction on FOX-TV stating "the Mississippi River will significantly change course" which it did following Hurricane Katrina and the levees breaking.

9) Prince Harry and Meagan Mardle's engagement in 2017.

10) Steve Fossett's successful circumnavigation of the globe in a balloon.

11) Jennifer Aniston's engagement in 2012, predicted on FOX-TV.

12) the unemployment rate each year since 2009, with prediction success contrary to economist's and pundit's forecasts.

13) the rash of injuries in the NBA in 2012.

14) the tragic floods in New York City, as stated in the NEW YORK POST, resulting from Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

15) The massive meteor displays in the sky during Winter/Spring of 2013.

16) Kim and Kanye's engagement in 2013.

17) the exact trend of the DOW in every year but one since 2009.

18) In 2014, the Pope announcing his 2015 visit to the United States.

19) In 2014, Will and Kate announcing their 2nd pregnancy.

20) In 2014, the historic climate change agreement between the U.S. and China.

21) In 2015, the rise in sales of PRINTED books, contrary to trend of tablet use.

22) As a profound example, here are nine of his 2015 predictions stated on WGN-TV's morning news. Eight of them came to fruition: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



The art of accurately sensing the future is rare and mystical.  Is he truly psychic, highly intuitive, or what?  You decide.




Here are Friedman's

foresights for 2020:

issued 1/6/20

results in RED 


1) A skyscraper will tip.

2) An odd confluence of waves occurs by the eastern United States.

3) A day becomes night at noon, though not from an eclipse.

4) A network will be usurped.

5) A balloon will experience a pop but not a burst.

6) It is the best of times, and it is the worst of times, the test of times, subversed by crimes, as a child in charge goes further at large.

7) The suit is wrinkled, the hair is disorderly, the voice is hoarse, but the numbers grow.  Triumph.

8) Challenged and removed, revolt spreads. Machines falter. The scales bow and crack.

9) The clockwork orange stops near midnight. Try to remember a time in November. The self-correcting nature of the universe materializes.

10) A pillow fight is in the news.

11) Cookies disappear.

12) As a development of the MeToo movement, something called the UsToo movement emerges.

13) Thermometers break in the Middle East.

14) Amaz-off. Amazon damage is in the news for both the region and the retailer. The Amazon forest sees a surprising adaptive recovery in part, but overall suffers severe unrecoverable destruction. The online store experiences a blackout or security breach. 

15) A surprise party in Washington (or Los Angeles) surprises the guests.

16) Flowers bloom in winter.

17) Surprisingly, the national popular vote movement gains huge steam, with individual states ratifying legislation to replace the Electoral College in Presidential elections.

18) A leader of a branch of the United States government suffers a heart condition.

19) An election sees a warp of space and time.

20) Tech predictions: Neural interfaces make a significant emergence.  5G evolves rapidly but not without technical issues. For humans' desire for meaningful connection, more apps are used to bridge the physical with the virtual world. More small and medium size businesses experience cyber crime. Facebook's planned launch of its crypto-currency platform excites some but quickly alarms many as it threatens to dominate and monopolize the banking industry. Greater investment and advancement occurs in “quantum tech” in the USA, but China also keeps pace in this area. New developments will occur in the area of biometric data. Apple discloses details for its electric car. 

21) More financial predictions: A surge of building occurs in the so-called “starter home” category.  Volatility in the markets occurs in late summer or early fall. Interest rates remain mostly static, and surprisingly may drop for a time. Further arrogance creates further doom in the trade war between the USA and China.  A significant number of brick and mortar stores become powered by technology replacing human employees even in large retailers.

22) In celebrity news, Lizzo gets a movie role, maybe even two. Meryl Streep suffers from a vocal malady. Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman wed.  

And, …

23) The Kardashian women swear off plasticity for one day. 

24) Psychics will be wrong.

25) Someone will look for love in all the wrong places.

26) A fake news outlet fakes its death.

27) Oh, and as I predict every year, the Chicago Cubs will make it to the World Series.

released 2/5/2020

As always, I predict most of the categories, including some of the less-publicized, lower-profile ones.
And as I do every year, I make these OSCAR predictions WITHOUT seeing the films.

28)  Best Actor in a Leading Role: Joaquin Phoenix (JOKER)

29)  Best Actress in a Leading Role: Renee Zellweger (JUDY)
30)  Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Brad Pitt (ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD)
31)  Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Laura Dern (MARRIAGE STORY)
32)  Best Director: Sam Mendes (1917)
33)  Best Adapted Screenplay: Jojo Rabbit

34)  Best Cinematography: 1917

35)  Best Makeup & Hair: Bombshell

36)  Best Song: I'm Gonna Love Me Again (ROCKETMAN)

37)  Best Original Score: Hildur Juðnadóttir (JOKER)

38)  Best Animated Feature: Toy Story 4
39)  Best Animated Short: Hair Love
40)  Best  Documentary: American Factory
41)  Best Documentary Short: Learning to Skateboard in a War Zone
42)  Best International Film: Parasite
43)  Best Picture: Parasite
44)  A shoe will slip off a presenter or nominee. 
45)  A surprise couple will attend the ceremony together.

CORRECT — Brad Pitt brought his manager Cynthia Pett-Dante who sat with him through the ceremony.
46)  I foresee a flying object (or bird) as part of the evening.
CORRECT — Janelle Monáe's wardrobe malfunction when her blouse button flew open during the opening vocal number.





"The future ain't what it used to be."

- Yogi Berra


"Always in motion is the future."

- Yoda


"I don't worry about the future. It comes soon enough."

- Albert Einstein


"See the future as a present.

Understand but leave the past.

You will have the gift of prescience

when today seems unsurpassed."

- Sidney Friedman







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