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CONNECTION: The Musical Mentalist SIDNEY FRIEDMAN - entertainment PLUS insights

NEW VIDEO EXCLUSIVE:  "Music Mindreading"  Sidney Friedman in Concert.  Watch:
NO ONE ELSE can accomplish this feat, and under scrutinizing test conditions. Watch:
stunning exclusive "Music Mindreading" on WGN-TV among SKEPTICS. Watch:
on ABC-TV's WINDY CITY LIVE direct telepathy & prediction. Watch:
an impossible intuitive feat performed on FOX-TV's "Good Day Chicago":

The BEST, most astounding mind reading feat ever performed -- Sidney attempting OSCAR MUSIC MIND READING!!!!  The anchors of the WGN MORNING NEWS were stunned once again!!! This was Sidney's 35th-plus appearance on this TV show.

Sidney Friedman featured on 20/20, the TODAY SHOW & more. Watch:

Sidney attempting the TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE on ABC-TV's "Windy City Live." 

INCREDIBLE "Music Mindreading" with LOVE SONGS for Valentine's Day, on FOX-TV's "Good Day Chicago":
FAST-PACED music mindreading on WCIU-TV's "You&Me":. Watch:
an example of Sidney's unmatched prediction accuracy - 8 of 9 came to fruition!!:
100% on OSCAR PREDICTIONS:  Watch the stunned  hosts of ABC-TV's "Windy City Live" on the Monday following the 2016 OSCARS in reaction to SIDNEY FRIEDMAN getting ALL of his OSCAR predictions correct:
full segment of one of Sidney's NBC-TV  TODAY SHOW appearances. Sidney OPENLY STATED his predictions, and they ALL came true over the course of the coming year, PLUS MORE:
various clips of live shows & TV shows, including ABC-TV's THE VIEW, plus a remarkable prediction about HURRICANE KATRINA which came true!!! WATCH:
QUICK clip (30-seconds) of Sidney attempting MUSIC MIND READING. From last New Year's Eve on WGN radio's "Steve & Johnnie Show":
2017 Predictions:  SIDNEY FRIEDMAN  on ABC-TV's "Windy City Live":  Watch:
EXTRA: When mega-mentalist SIDNEY FRIEDMAN is not performing his shows or doing speaking engagements, you might find him out on the town Blues Dancing (shown here), or Lindy Hop swing dancing, or doing Argentine Tango. 

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