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reached #1 on AMAZON


YOUR MIND KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO: The Subconscious Secrets of Success by Sidney Friedman was a national best-seller several years ago reaching #1 on AMAZON for self-improvement books (#8 overall).


It was featured on ABC-TV's THE VIEW, on NBC-TV's TODAY SHOW and many other programs for its amazing insights and tools to help people attain their wishes.


Currently out of print, only 110 hardcover books remain in our possession, and only a few remain in other inventories, thus there is a premium on this highly-sought-after title. But when you order from us, Sidney will sign the book PLUS we'll include a pendulum device calibrated by Sidney for use with the exercises in the book.

It's a $50 value discounted to $29.95.

To order this landmark and now rare book (plus the autograph and the pendulum), send $29.95  via PAYPAL. 



Send $29.95 via PAYPAL to:


Indicate the name of the book in the PAYPAL message. The order will be shipped within 24 hours.


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what the title says


How to Read Minds - FOR REAL by Sidney Friedman is his latest, newest book. 


It's an eBook and is a VERY quick read, but packed with the exact method Sidney uses for connecting with others for the process of sensing each other's thoughts.


No one else has released anything quite like this. 


To quote Sidney from this book:

"Over time I have come to realize the most wonderful and important aspect about 'mind reading':  The act of 'mind reading' does not invade as much as it actually brings people together. It connects. It bonds. When you read another’s mind, they actually begin to get inside you too. It will even bring people closer who previously had friction between them. And what a better thing to do in a world where there are frictions, a world where every holiday season we annually ask for 'peace on earth' and 'good will toward men.'”

Normally $14.95, it is on sale for a limited time for $11.95.


Send $11.95 via PAYPAL to:


We will email the eBook to you the same day.

MIND DYNAMICS: Using Your Subconscious to Shape Your Destiny, Heighten Your Creativity, and Awaken Your Genius 

This an audio book written and narrated by Sidney Friedman.  It includes:


  • 6 CDs

  • a guidebook

  • a special pendulum device.  


Produced by the leader in self-improvement, the NIGHTINGALE-CONANT company, Sidney's program will show you:


  • How to make your greatest wishes come true by learning the secret of communicating with your subconscious mind.

  • How to unleash exceptional creativity and brainstorming skills among you and your colleagues.

  • How to tap the "inner information superhighway" of your subconscious mind for answers to key questions in your life.

  • How to see and shape the future.

  • How to find missing objects.

  • How to attain contentment.

  • How to uncover the hidden genius that exists in every mind to discover abilities you never thought you had.


This program sells for $234.95, Through this site, we have it discounteed by nearly 60% at a price of $89 with FREE shipping.


Send $89.00 via PAYPAL to:


It will be SIGNED by Sidney Friedman, and your program will be shipped within 24 hours.



published by the leader
in self-improvement programs, NIGHTINGALE-CONANT

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