"Some people are better at seeing the future than others, like mentalist Sidney Friedman. ... We love Sidney!"
- Hoda Kotb, TODAY SHOW

"eerily accurate"

- Carrie Seim, NEW YORK POST


"2013's Most Accurate Psychic"


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For 21 years, year after year, one person keeps seeing what tomorrow brings, or, well at least 72% of it.


Considered by many as the most accurate prognosticator of our time, mentalist / futurist  Sidney Friedman's goal is to present his prescient impressions for fun and intrigue, always with care when he foresees a serious warning, and above all, with honesty when he is wrong and with modesty when he is right.
Yes, at new year's time, psychics come out of the woodwork like gnats at a barn fire, but Sidney Friedman has the credibility of a documented track record of a 72% accuracy (some years as high as 79% and never lower than 62%) for 21 years stating predictions on shows like ABC-TV’s THE VIEW, NBC-TV’s TODAY SHOW, ABC-TV's 20/20, and numerous other local and national TV and radio shows plus publications like FORBES magazine and the NEW YORK POST.


  • This includes a 93% record of predicting OSCAR winners

  • Since he began including economic foresights in 2009, Friedman has been on-target predicting the exact trend of the stock market and unemployment figures in all but one of those years.  

  • Most extraordinary, in 2012, as published in a NEW YORK POST article, January 2nd, 2012, Friedman stated, "Snow was BIG news last year in New York City. This year it's water!!!"  He also predicted, "Strangely, for a short time there is an UNOCCUPYING of Wall Street." As it turned out, both of these foretold the ravaging effects of one of the most unlikely weather incidents for that metropolis, HURRICANE SANDY, when in late October, Wall Street shut down, evacuations occurred, the markets closed, and water flooded much of the city, subways and islands.


And in 2017, Sidney continued his remarkable accuracy. See the results here:


FULL RESULTS for 2017:


FULL RESULTS for 2016:


FULL RESULTS for 2015:



FULL RESULTS for 2014:



FULL RESULTS for 2013:



results from years prior:



Here are just a few of Sidney's PREDICTION SUCCESSES over the years: 

A 72% overall accuracy for 21 years of publicly-stated prognostications, including:


1) the earthquake on the east coast in 2011.

2) Obama winning the 2008 election, predicted pre-primaries, against all punditry at that time.

3) Obama winning the 2012 election, including that he'd carry two southern states, which he did with Virginia and Florida.
4) the landing point of Hurricane Floyd, predicted on CBS News.
5) Martha Stewart's legal troubles, predicted on ABC-TV'sTHE VIEW.
6) Martin Scorsese’s Oscar in 2007 after being denied year after year (and SidneySeer is nearly 100% for all his Oscar predictions through the years).
7) the rain falling on the 2017 Presidential Inauguration the moment Donald Trump began his speech. 
8) the prediction on FOX-TV stating "the Mississippi River will significantly change course" which it did following Hurricane Katrina and the levees breaking.

9) Prince Harry and Meagan Mardle's engagement in 2017.

10) Steve Fossett's successful circumnavigation of the globe in a balloon.

11) Jennifer Aniston's engagement in 2012, predicted on FOX-TV.

12) the unemployment rate each year since 2009, with prediction success contrary to economist's and pundit's forecasts.

13) the rash of injuries in the NBA in 2012.

14) the tragic floods in New York City, as stated in the NEW YORK POST, resulting from Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

15) The massive meteor displays in the sky during Winter/Spring of 2013.

16) Kim and Kanye's engagement in 2013.

17) the exact trend of the DOW in every year but one since 2009.

18) In 2014, the Pope announcing his 2015 visit to the United States.

19) In 2014, Will and Kate announcing their 2nd pregnancy.

20) In 2014, the historic climate change agreement between the U.S. and China.

21) In 2015, the rise in sales of PRINTED books, contrary to trend of tablet use.

22) As a profound example, here are nine of his 2015 predictions stated on WGN-TV's morning news. Eight of them came to fruition: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



The art of accurately sensing the future is rare and mystical.  Is he truly psychic, highly intuitive, or what?
Ironically, Friedman says about his predictions and the art of predicting: 
"Most of the future is unpredictable. That is as it should be. In fact, no one knows PRECISELY what will be. If we know exactly what will happen, the present would not exist. Also, to a large extent, we make the future.  But once in a while the curtain parts ever-so-slightly, revealing a glimpse of tomorrow's theater. We all get these hunches. Through a variety of techniques (explained in my book and seminar), I attempt to interpret what many of these impressions truly mean -- often successfully, sometimes not. 
Always though, my intention of releasing these foresights is for fun and curiosity."



Here are Friedman's


for 2018:

issued 12/27/17

as stated this year on various media

including Fox-TV's "Good Day Chicago,"

AM 720 WGN radio's "Roe Conn Show,"
AM 720 WGN RADIO "Steve & Johnnie Show"
FM radio's B96's "The J Show,"

WCIU-TV's "The Jam,"

ABC-TV's "Countdown Chicago 2018"

and more.

printed in GREEN and RED.
Not including the jocular
predictions #8 (Trump), #16 (psychics) ,
and #18 (Cubs),

Sidney HIT on 38 1/2 out of the 53 predictions for a 72.6% accuracy.



1)  OSCAR PREDICTIONS:  Hey, deep down most of us know awards shows are self-congratulatory, promotional aggrandizing, wastes-of-wattage TV marathons that bore more than entertain, and in the larger scope of things have little meaning. The true declaration of greatness will be awarded by time itself, when in 10, 20, 50 years, the creations and performances which still have impact will be awarded by the public's (or a part of the public's) ever-lasting interest.  Still, we watch. And with such hype and hoopla each year over the honoring of movies only a few months after their release, inquiring minds want to know who and what will win the trophies.


Perhaps it's my lack of interest, my ability to step back, which has allowed me to have a track record over 17 years of 93% predicting OSCARS, and for a long time it was at 100%, and without seeing the films.  That's right. I do NOT see the films. (In this way, personal taste or aesthetic does not influence my choices.) I won't try to explain it. but hey, here’s another go at who will win Hollywood's gold statues.  


And of note, I state these predictions in December, well-before the nominations are announced which each year makes this attempt even more of an accomplishment if I get it right, not only with MAJOR categories, but with MINOR categories too.


So here’s what I foresee:  LAURIE METCALF (Lady Bird) wins the OSCAR for Best Supporting Actress. A MISS. GARY OLDMAN (Darkest Hour) wins for Best Actor. A HIT.  “Call Me By Your Name” wins Best Adapted Screenplay.  A HIT.  “Coco” wins Best Animated Feature.  A HIT.  “Dunkirk” wins for best sound editing.  A HIT.  Best Song Oscar goes to the song “Remember Me” (Coco)A HIT.  “Dunkirk” wins for Film Editing.  A HIT.  The OSCAR for Production Design goes to "The Shape of Water."  A HIT.  So in total, 7 of 8 correct among the predictions made more than two months prior to the OSCARS, before the nominations were even announced. 


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See the results of these additional
OSCAR predictions below.
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2) A bizarre and extraordinary cloud is seen in the skies over the United States.  A HIT. On February 9th, an extraordinary and rare "roll cloud" was seen over Richmond, VA. (NOTE; But Sidney says there will be another and even more bizarre occurence in the sky this year. Stay tuned.  For the "roll cloud" story, read here:  


3) At least seventeen earthquakes magnitude  6.9  or higher on the Richter Scale will occur worldwide in 2018. Only seven occurred in 2017. So the total more than doubles worldwide.  A HIT.   In total, there were 22 earthquakes 6.9 or higher on the Richter scale., https://www.world-earthquakes.com/index.php?option=eqs&year=2018


4) A forgotten past contestant from THE VOICE emerges with a breakthrough hit song this year. MISS.


5) Weather is not my forte when it comes to prognostication, but based on repeated similar dreams, I have the hunch Chicago experiences an ice storm followed within days by a major snow storm in late January or early February which temporarily shuts down the city.  A MAJOR HIT.  On February 4th, freezing rain occurred, followed several days later by a storm which produced up to 10 inches of snow on February 8th causeing school closings, 850 flights cancelled, court closings, and more. In addition, it was part of a record 9-day stretch of consecutive days of measurable snow totalling  officially 19 inches.  More about it here: 

6) A breach of security occurs at Buckingham Palace in London.  A HIT. This occurred in early August and was reported in the news on 8/5/18:  


7) A vast power outage transpires in the eastern United States.  A MAJOR HIT. Reported January 4th with 100,000 customers without power in an east coast storm.  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cold-weather-bomb-cyclone-aftermath-snow-storm-blizzard-flooding-latest-news-live-updates-2018-01-06/   ........  And then, even more so, on March 4th, over 1 1/2 million customers lost power, many of them for days as a result of a powerful Nor'easter.  


8) Three hours go by where Trump does not Tweet.  ;)   Ba-da-bum. ... A MISS, as there were not even 3 minutes where he didn't tweet. :)

9) UNITED STATES POLITICS:  In the more than two decades of making predictions, it seems this past year I have been asked more than any other about the future of the President and other aspects of politics. My accuracy in this area has been greatly on target over the years. The one sure factor is that the pendulum swings over time back and forth from Right to Left and back again. Knowing the pace of the swing, sometimes swift, sometimes gradual, is where a deeper intuition is involved.  A population of any democratized country has about 35% staunchly on one end of the spectrum, another 35% on the other end (In certain states, districts or regions, the staunchness can of course be even higher on one side or the other.), but the art of political prediction is in getting a psychic feel, an intuitive sense, for what the "swingers" are thinking, to which side the swing voters are gravitating, and also how motivated they are to actually show up and vote.

As impossible (or improbable) as it seems today,  especially with the current composition of the Gerrymandered House districts, somehow I sense 
the Democrats will miraculously take over the House of Representatives in the November elections of 2018, maybe even winning as many as 32 seats.  At the same time, the Democrats will narrowly come up short in the Senate, though I keep seeing one key state as a virtual tie resulting in recounts and legal challenges. As for the President, Donald Trump leaves office, but he doesn't leave office. Or, he doesn't leave office, but he does leave office. This is the image I foresee, and as time goes on, that statement will have meaning. Oddly, even though he currently has record low approval numbers, against the current trend, and all punditry, Trump's approval rating slightly increases for a period in 2018.  One of President Trump's sons or his son-in-law will be indicted.  In strange and weird news, there is a fire in one of the branches of government.   MAJOR HIT on the Democrats taking control of the House, which was predicted against all punditry at the time. A HIT on the Democrats coming up short in the Senate. A HIT on one key state in Senate race with close results having recounts and legal challenges (FLORIDA). A HIT re President Trump's approval ratings actually increasing. 1/2 A HIT regarding a fire in a branch of government, as the Executive Branch had more firings than at any other time in history. A MISS re Trump son indictment but it will happen soon.

10) Volcanic activity causes the evacuation of Naples, Italy. I also foresee an increase of volcanic activity in Iceland.   A MISS ON BOTH.


11) I hope, pray and implore to the universe this does not come true.  I am seeing an airborne attack via drones with chemical weapons on a city in Europe.  Thankfully a MISS.


12) A new diamond reserve is discovered in the northwest United States. 3/4 HIT. On December 14th it was announced the largest diamond ever found in North America was unearthed in the Northwest Territories in Canada. While not an exact hit, the vision of an extremely rare discovery regarding diamonds in the "northwest" is certainly noteworthy as a near-accuracy.


13) THE ECONOMY: In late 2008, I began adding economic prognostications to my list of predictions and have accurately stated the stock market trend in all but one of those years along with near 100% accuracy on other numbers such as the unemployment rate. In fact, my long-range prediction stated on the TODAY SHOW back on December 31st, 2008 when we were in the depths of the economic recession was that we would recover with the full effects to be realized in 7 or 8 years, and VOILA!!!  I was spot on with my timetable, completely on target, even though most pundits and so-called economic experts in that dark time stated it would take far longer, even decades.  

For 2018,  a major correction happens in the market during the Spring, not a crash, but a major downward correction of about 7% to 10% of the market. There is then a recovery of the markets through and to the end of the year.  1/4 A HIT as the correction occurred toward year's end and with wild fluctuations. Of significant note, expect three or four quarter-point increases of short-term interest rates A TOTAL HIT (there were four) in 2018. There were two increases in 2017 (as I accurately predicted a year ago).  By and large, the economy's momentum continues with growth through 2018, and worldwide it grows at a growth rate of about 3.5%  A HIT, but GDP growth does not top 3.0% in the USA A HIT. Executive pay in the USA also of course increases (as it did last year) A HIT, but wages and lower-level salaries remain mostly stagnant with occasional bonuses to employees A MISS as wages did increase slightly. Major issues in 2018 will be public pensions, personal debt, the wealth gap, and health-care costs. A HIT on all. Also, deficits for many states increase. A HIT.  Longer-term, I am issuing a dire WARNING, as somewhere in late 2019 or 2020 the boom will bust and there will be an economic crash affecting markets throughout the world.  Enjoy the ride while it's here.

But please remember, if you are an investor, it is not a stock market but a market of stocks. If you invest, adhere to THREE things in addition to what I say here: Do your own careful research, combine it with your own intuition, and seek professional guidance by a certified financial adviser.   

14) In technology, a completely new and relatively low-cost phone makes a splash in 2018. A HIT.

15) Last year was a devastating year for hurricanes in the United States. This year, surprisingly, there will be far less hurricane activity, meaning far less destruction.  A HIT. Following 2017's extremely active year, this was a relief, and correctly predicted.  https://phys.org/news/2018-08-hurricanes-atlantic.html



16) Psychics will be wrong.  :)  A HIT. :) 



17) POP-MOP-SLOP CULTURE: Regarding "Jelena,"  the music icons Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will not get engaged A HIT in spite of recent rumors they will. But here are some couples who WILL get engaged. Not entirely sure of this, but my hunch is leaning toward Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx getting engaged.  A MISS but relationship going strong. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton will be seen with shiny diamond bling on her engagement finger. A MISS.  And in baby news, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel announce she is pregnant with their 2nd child.  A MISS. But of note, all three MISSES were actual headlines in 2018, later proved to be false. I foresee the headlines, so in that sense I was accurate. Even so, I won't take credit for HITS on these.

18) Every year I predict the CHICAGO CUBS will be in the World Series. As a CUBS fan, I cannot predict anything different. And hey, they made it and won it in 2016. This year is no exception. 2018 will be their year again. I predict. :)



In addition to the eight OSCAR predictions
listed above, here are eleven more

for this Sunday's awards show:

Best Picture:  "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri"
Best Director:  Guillermo Del Toro  for "The Shape of Water"

Best Actress:  Frances McDormand for "Three Billboards"


Best Supporting Actor:  Sam Rockwell for "Three Billboards"


Best Original Screenplay:  "Get Out"


Best Cinematography:  "Bladerunner 2049"


Best Documentary Feature:  "Faces Places"


Best Foreign Language Film:  "A Fantastic Woman"

Best Live Action Short: "DeKalb Elementary"

Best Costume Design:  "Phantom Thread"
Best Makeup and Hairstyling:  "Darkest Hour"

For these additional 11 OSCAR predictions, 8 were on the mark. Curiously, Sidney was more accurate with his 8 long-range OSCAR predictions (scroll to top of predictions under PREDICTION #1) stated more than two months prior to the event (before the nominations were even announced) with  7 of 8 correct. ... Together, in total, Sidney had an accuracy of 15 of 19.  






"The future ain't what it used to be."

- Yogi Berra


"Always in motion is the future."

- Yoda


"I don't worry about the future. It comes soon enough."

- Albert Einstein


"See the future as a present.

Understand but leave the past.

You will have the gift of prescience

when today seems unsurpassed."

- Sidney Friedman





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