"Some people are better at seeing the future than others, like mentalist Sidney Friedman. ... We love Sidney!"
- Hoda Kotb, TODAY SHOW

"eerily accurate"

- Carrie Seim, NEW YORK POST


"2013's Most Accurate Psychic"


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For 21 years, year after year, one person keeps seeing what tomorrow brings, or, well at least 72% of it.


Considered by many as the most accurate prognosticator of our time, mentalist / futurist  Sidney Friedman's goal is to present his prescient impressions for fun and intrigue, always with care when he foresees a serious warning, and above all, with honesty when he is wrong and with modesty when he is right.
Yes, at new year's time, psychics come out of the woodwork like gnats at a barn fire, but Sidney Friedman has the credibility of a documented track record of a 72% accuracy (some years as high as 77% and never lower than 62%) for 20 years stating predictions on shows like ABC-TV’s THE VIEW, NBC-TV’s TODAY SHOW, ABC-TV's 20/20, and numerous other local and national TV and radio shows plus publications like FORBES magazine and the NEW YORK POST.


  • This includes a 92% record of predicting OSCAR winners

  • And since he began including economic foresights eight years ago, Friedman has been on-target predicting the exact trend of the stock market and unemployment figures in 7 of those 8 years.  

  • Most extraordinary, in 2012, as published in a NEW YORK POST article, January 2nd, 2012, Friedman stated, "Snow was BIG news last year in New York City. This year it's water!!!"  He also predicted, "Strangely, for a short time there is an UNOCCUPYING of Wall Street." As it turned out, both of these foretold the ravaging effects of one of the most unlikely weather incidents for that metropolis, HURRICANE SANDY, when in late October, Wall Street shut down, evacuations occurred, the markets closed, and water flooded much of the city, subways and islands.


And in 2016, Sidney continued his remarkable accuracy. See the results here:


FULL RESULTS for 2016:


FULL RESULTS for 2015:



FULL RESULTS for 2014:



FULL RESULTS for 2013:



results from years prior:



Here are just a few of Sidney's PREDICTION SUCCESSES over the years: 

A 72% overall accuracy for 20 years of publicly-stated prognostications, including:


1) the earthquake on the east coast in 2011.

2) Obama winning the 2008 election, predicted pre-primaries, against all punditry at that time.

3) Obama winning the 2012 election, including that he'd carry two southern states, which he did with Virginia and Florida.
4) the landing point of Hurricane Floyd, predicted on CBS News.
5) Martha Stewart's legal troubles, predicted on ABC-TV'sTHE VIEW.
6) Martin Scorsese’s Oscar in 2007 after being denied year after year (and SidneySeer is nearly 100% for all his Oscar predictions through the years).
7) 2008's drop in oil prices. 
8) the prediction on FOX-TV stating "the Mississippi River will significantly change course" which it did following Hurricane Katrina and the levees breaking.

9) the exact trend of the U.S. stock market in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

10) Steve Fossett's successful circumnavigation of the globe in a balloon.

11) Jennifer Aniston's engagement in 2012, predicted on FOX-TV.

12) the unemployment rate each year since 2009, with porediction success contrary to economist's and pundit's forecasts.

13) the rash of injuries in the NBA in 2012.

14) the tragic floods in New York City, as stated in the NEW YORK POST, resulting from Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

15) The massive meteor displays in the sky during Winter/Spring of 2013.

16) Kim and Kanye's engagement in 2013.

17) The exact trend of the DOW in every year but one since 2009.

18) In 2014, the Pope announcing his 2015 visit to the United States.

19) In 2014, Will and Kate announcing their 2nd pregnancy.

20) In 2014, the historic climate change agreement between the U.S. and China.

21) In 2015, the rise in sales of PRINTED books, contrary to trend of tablet use.

22) As a profound example, here are nine of his 2015 predictions stated on WGN-TV's morning news. Eight of them came to fruition: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO



The art of accurately sensing the future is rare and mystical.  Is he truly psychic, highly intuitive, or what?
Ironically, Friedman says about his predictions and the art of predicting: 
"Most of the future is unpredictable. That is as it should be. In fact, no one knows PRECISELY what will be. If we know exactly what will happen, the present would not exist. Also, to a large extent, we make the future.  But once in a while the curtain parts ever-so-slightly, revealing a glimpse of tomorrow's theater. We all get these hunches. Through a variety of techniques (explained in my book and seminar), I attempt to interpret what many of these impressions truly mean -- often successfully, sometimes not. 
Always though, my intention of releasing these foresights is for fun and curiosity."



Here are Friedman's

foresights for

issued 12/19/16

as stated this year on various media

including Fox-TV's "Good Day Chicago,"

AM 720 WGN radio's "Roe Conn Show,"
ABC-TV's "Windy City Live,"

and more

(results below tallied as of 11/27/17)


1) My OSCAR track record over 16 years is 93%, and for a long time it was at 100%. So here’s another go at who will win the prized gold statues.  And of course, I state these predictions in December, well-before the nominations are announced which makes this even more of an accomplishment if I get it right. And as always, I do it all without seeing the films. In this way, personal taste or aesthetic does not influence my choices. So here’s what I foresee -- OSCAR PREDICTIONS:   "LA LA LAND" wins the OSCAR for best picture, even though the competition is steep with films like "Moonlight" and "Manchester by the Sea," and even though the Academy usually picks a film that is more artsy than a musical.  VIOLA DAVIS wins the best supporting actress award for "Fences," even though there is currently a lot of talk for Michelle Williams's performance in "Manchester by the Sea."  MAHERSHALA ALI wins best supporting actor for "Moonlight." Many though are considering Lucas Hedges ("Manchester by the Sea") as the front-runner.  The OSCAR for best animated feature will be given to "ZOOTOPIA."  The song "City of Stars" from "LA LA LAND" will be awarded the OSCAR for song of the year. Best adapted screenplay will go to "MOONLIGHT."  5 OF 6 ARE HITS. Lots of surprises this year, but kept my high percentage track-record intact. Missed on "LA LA LAND" for best picture. I foresaw the name being read, and though it was originally announced as the winner, in the envelope mix-up of the century, "MOONLIGHT" took the trophy. MORE OSCAR PREDICTIONS AND RESULTS BELOW.

2) Totally unusual, and probably highly unlikely, an iceberg is spotted off the coast of Massachusetts. (I guess Patriots fans will now have a way to keep their beer cold throughout the season.)  A HIT.  At the end of September this happened: http://www.bostonmagazine.com/arts-entertainment/2017/09/29/iceberg-boston-fort-point-channel/

3) This past year there was talk of building walls, but ironically in 2017 a wall crumbles!!!!  A HIT.  A sea Wall collapsed into the East River by Gracie Mansion in New York.  http://www.fox5ny.com/news/part-of-sea-wall-collapses-into-east-river


4) With deep hopes this does NOT occur, dangerous, life-threatening nuclear radiation is found leaking in an eastern state of the United States, very likely in upper-state New York.  HALF A HIT.  Leaks did indeed occurr at a nuclear plant, but in Illinois. http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/investigation-radioactive-leaks-illinois-nuclear-plants-51229007


5) The United States Post Office institutes a FREE postage day. ........ (Still, there are no guarantees your letter will arrive. Ba-da-bum.)  WRONG.

6) The Knot comes untied. Kim and Kanye split. Yes, it's over, but ......... only for a while. Then surprisingly, they reconnect.  (Back in 2012 on the nationally syndicated "TRISHA" TV show, I predicted their marriage well ahead of their engagement in 2013. So I may have a handle on this. Or not.)  A HIT. This couple has split and rejoined several times this year.

7) Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get engaged. It may even occur in a few days just before the new year of 2017. The wedding probably will be scheduled for Spring of 2018.  A MAJOR HIT.   https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/prince-harry-and-meghan-markle-will-wed-in-the-summer/

and  http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/27/europe/prince-harry-meghan-markle/index.html

And of note, this union was predicted in contrast to many reports of their breakup.

8) I hope this does not occur, but Queen Elizabeth has a hospital stay. This is NOT in relation to the aforementioned engagement.

9) Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C. sees inclement, nasty, stormy weather. A HIT OF HITS.  This eerily came true shortly after noon-time on January 20th. The moment Donald Trump began his inaugural address, the rain showers began.


10) Surprisingly, and to the delight of liberal-leaning folks, the White House proposes to Congress some form of tuition-free college, an idea initially talked about by Bernie Sanders during the primaries.   WRONG.

11) This is an easy prediction and probably should not count. In a way, Donald Trump played psychic during his campaign, prognosticating repeatedly that "everything is going to be GREAT."  But while I sincerely hope the world will become Utopia, I predict "everything" won't be "great." Sure, some things will be great, but certainly not everything.  True, but does not count.

12) The President's cabinet has 4 resignations within the first two years. A HIT.  The cabinet already has had 4 resignations with Bannon, Spicer, Walsh and Priebus.

13) Emerging between now and inauguration day, and then growing through the year, expect a "yuuuuuuuuge" dramatic twist of political theater. It potentially involves thousands of minority voters. 

14) A march on Washington occurs in late summer or early fall, the scale of which has not been seen in many decades.  A HIT.  The 2017 Women's March, though it took place in late January, was one of the largest in decades with over 500,000 marching in D.C.  and an estimated 4,000,000 total throughout the U.S.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Women%27s_March

15) Apple Corporation buys an island. (Hmm, and maybe that’s where they throw all our old iPhones.) Potentially, instead, the island buyer could be Google or Amazon.  HALF A HIT.  While Apple did not actually buy an island, it was reported in November, 2017 on MASHABLE that they have set up a "tax haven" on a little-known island: http://mashable.com/2017/11/06/apple-jersey-taxes-ireland/#fraQZiWwKiqg


16) There is always some kind of seismic activity in and around LA county, but this year sees the highest rumble on the Richter Scale in quite some time, possibly on the night of either the Oscars or the Grammys.

17) Chicago has one of the hottest summers on record.  WRONG. 

18) The color purple becomes popular in food and in the serving of food in restaurants.   A HIT.  With vegetables as noted here: https://www.chefs-garden.com/blog/may-2017/current-food-trend-delicious-nutritious-purple


19) In men's fashion, extra-long suit coats (with a length down to the knees) begins to become a trend.

20) Cuba becomes a popular Spring Break destination.  
A HIT.  Came true in 2017, though it may not be so in 2018.

21) Two bridges in different parts of the United States break down nearly simultaneously, within a day of each other.

22) The numbers 2, 8 and 11 are significant this year.

23) THE ECONOMY: I have correctly predicted the unemployment rate in 7 of the last 8 years, often against what the so-called “experts” foresaw. The rate is currently at 4.6%, the lowest it has been since 2007.  It actually will drop a slight bit more in the early part of 2017, then rise and finish roughly the same as we began the year. …. GDP growth increases slightly in 2017. The economy grew about 1.75% in 2016, whereas the annual average dating back a century is 3.36%. 2017 sees right around 2% growth. …. Auto sales and home sales will rise in 2017, mostly in the early part of the year up until September, followed by a distinct slow-down. …. Credit card debt will continue to rise. …. The Fed will increase rates twice this year, one-quarter point each time. …. And after a remarkable rise of the U.S. Stock Market over the last 8 years, in 2017 I predict the Dow will have both a spike upward and a distinct dip downward in the early part of the year, then  a leveling off mid-year, followed by a concerning downturn in the later part of the calendar.  But please remember, it is not a stock market but a market of stocks. If you invest, adhere to THREE things: Do your own careful research, combine it with your own intuition, and seek professional guidance by a certified financial adviser.   Lots of HITS. But we will wait for full evaluation at the end of the year.

24) Psychics will be wrong.  :)   A HIT. (including me)

25)  I predicted the CUBS would win the World Series last year, but I predict it every year.  :)   I've done it publicly on various media each year for the last 21 years  The mega CUBS fan that I am, what else can I do???  SO, THANK YOU CUBS FOR FINALLY MAKING ME ACCURATE.  ...  Oh, and btw, once more I'm predicting they'll return to the World Series and win it again this year, only this time in far more dominant fashion. Of course they will !!! Hey, why not.

Additional Predictions
(posted 1/16/17):


26) More OSCAR predictions:  In addition to the OSCAR predictions above (stated on 12/19/16), here are several more. We are still nine days before even the actual nominations will be announced, and six weeks before the OSCAR ceremony.  The Oscar for BEST DIRECTOR will be awarded to Damien Chazelle (La La Land). The ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY Oscar will be given to "Manchester by the Sea."    "La La Land" will win the Oscar for BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY.  The Academy Award for COSTUME DESIGN will go to "Jackie." The Oscar for BEST MUSIC SCORE will be won by "La La Land."   The Oscar for PRODUCTION DESIGN will go to "La La Land."  The BEST DOCUMENTARY FILM Oscar will go to "OJ: Made in America." And the Academy Award for the, umm, esoteric category of SOUND MIXING will be won by "La La Land." 7 MAJOR HITS (7 of 8 correct). Missed on COSTUME DESIGN.


27) Several international predictions: Russia makes provocative moves toward the Baltic states. A HIT. ... ISIS's power continues a downward trend, and the Islamic State's capital of Raqqa will face a large-scale ground attack. A HIT.  Lone wolf attacks though will continue by ISIS, and they will have greater social media presence.  A HIT.  ... And most notably, Trump will NOT tear up the Iran deal in spite of his current threats to do so.  A HIT.   Four out of Four HITS, including the Russian "provocative" moves toward Baltic states as noted here: 


28) I receive more questions each day regarding the incoming President of the United States than any other question. Here's one last prediction on this matter:

A shift from the usual protocol
rankles the public to cease their enthrall.
With blessings mixed in, the chaos appalls. 

The higher they rise, the harder they fall.





"The future ain't what it used to be."

- Yogi Berra


"Always in motion is the future."

- Yoda


"I don't worry about the future. It comes soon enough."

- Albert Einstein


"See the future as a present.

Understand but leave the past.

You will have the gift of prescience

when today seems unsurpassed."

- Sidney Friedman










© copyright 1998 - 2020, by Sidney Friedman, mentalist, futurist, author, "psychic," speaker, and EVENT LIFTER for corporate entertainment and party event entertainment in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and worldwide.

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