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Year after year, one person keeps seeing what tomorrow brings, or, well at least 72% of it.


Considered by many as the most accurate prognosticator of our time, mentalist / futurist  Sidney Friedman's goal is to present his prescient impressions for fun and intrigue, always with care when he foresees a serious warning, and above all, with honesty when he is wrong and with modesty when he is right.


The art of accurately sensing the future is rare and mystical.  Is he truly psychic, highly intuitive, or what?
Ironically, Friedman says about his predictions and the art of predicting: 
"Most of the future is unpredictable. That is as it should be. In fact, no one knows PRECISELY what will be. If we know exactly what will happen, the present would not exist. Also, to a large extent, we make the future.  But once in a while the curtain parts ever-so-slightly, revealing a glimpse of tomorrow's theater. We all get these hunches. Through a variety of techniques (explained in my book and seminar), I attempt to interpret what many of these impressions truly mean -- often successfully, sometimes not. Always though, my intention of releasing these foresights is for fun and curiosity."





Foresights for 2014:

(issued 12/28/13)


as stated on various media



The accuracy is 72.5 %.


1) Edward Snowden will return to the United States and will NOT face trial.


2) Pope Francis announces plans for a visit to North America. Chicago will be one of the destinations. (And although it's been revealed the Pope will visit the Middle East for two days, the trip actually will extend to four days.)

A MAJOR HIT. In early November, Pope announced historic visit to USA in 2015. Chicago not slated as yet.


3) A fusion of resources, a major collaboration between China and the United States is announced.  It most likely will regard energy and assistance for developing countries. A HIT. On November 11th it was reported the US and CHINA reached historic agreement on climate change.


4) A major pipeline, not for oil, but for water is announced. A HIT. On 6/30/14, the national water agency of Singapore, PUB, announced a pipeline to meet future water demand in the city area.


5) The so-called feel-good network will feel even "gooder."  Following several ratings-challenged years, Oprah Winfrey's OWN network will see its ratings and revenues soar this year. HIT. Ratings for Oprah's network this year scored its best quarter ever in the first quarter plus double digit growth across all demos as reported on THE DISH on 4/1/14.


6) Unlike most celebs, who keep their weddings closed and private, Kanye and Kim's wedding will be televised live. Some of the revenue will go to charity. HALF A HIT. It was aired but no money to charity.


7) Garlic is in the news. A HIT. On 10/7/14,  the BBC reported that garlic injections could save trees from deadly diseases.


8) Strange, eerie, rumbling sounds are heard in the Midwest of the United States. A HIT. As reported in CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR on 2/6/14, a phenomenon known as "Frost Quakes" occurred in several Midwest states.


9) Chivalry returns. 


10) Most improbably, the 2014 elections see Texas turning blue.


11) Snow falls in southern Florida. HALF A  HIT. Weather of this sort is EXTREMELY rare for the Sunshine State with only a handful of occurences over the last century, but on 1/28 accumulation occurred in the panhandle with flurries in other parts of Florida.


12) A major delay occurs in the Oscar telecast. A HIT. An unexpected delay occurred when host Ellen DeGeneres ordered a pizza in mid-broadcast. 

13) In total, 6 HITS OUT OF 8 PREDICTIONS.  Regarding Academy Awards predictions, once again, I do not see the films. I do not go to the movie theater nor do I rent them or read the reviews. If I were to see them, my own biases could come into play. So these predictions every year are entirely intuitive even though I have no clue who many of these people are. Also, I pick not only some of the major categories but also some of the odd ones. Here we go: Lupita Nyong'o (12 YEARS A SLAVE) I foresee winning the OSCAR for Best Supporting Actress. Bruce Dern (NEBRASKA) wins the OSCAR for Best Actor. Steve McQueen (12 YEARS A SLAVE) wins the OSCAR for Best Director. FROZEN wins the OSCAR for Best Animated Feature.  "Let It Go" (FROZEN) wins the OSCAR for Best Original Song. GRAVITY wins the OSCAR for Best Cinematography. 12 YEARS A SLAVE wins the OSCAR for Best Adapted Screenplay. Jared Leto(DALLAS BUYERS CLUB) wins the OSCAR for Best Actor.


14) A shock wave, perhaps literally or perhaps figuratively, is felt in Russia. A HIT. The recent fall of the Ruble.


15) Pippa Middleton announces she is getting engaged. Hmmmm, 1/3rd A HIT. Her engagement was a news story in several major publications including GLAMOUR and HUFFINGTON POST, but in the end, she did not get engaged. 


16) Will and Kate announce they are expecting another baby. And you can expect a girl. A HIT. As reported in early September, Kate is now pregnant with baby #2. AND NO, I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. ;)


17) If anyone cares (but apparently many do), Khloe Kardashian slims up with a remarkable weight loss. A HIT.


18) The United States economy sees the unemployment rate drop to 5.6%, maybe even 5.4%. Contrary to most current punditry, the DOW sees a significant drop in late winter or early spring (after beginning robustly bullish). It rebounds by November and likely finishes the year higher than where it began, perhaps 5 to 6 percent higher. The economy overall continues to grow. Corporate investment finally surges. Keep in mind, back in December 2008, post-crash, I predicted a 7 to 9 year recovery and also predicted immediate gains in the stock market in 2009 in spite of most analyst's forecasts of continued gloom. So far, I have been right on target. As always though, consult your own investment advisor, do your research, combine your knowledge with a bit of intuition, and remember, it is NOT a stock market. It's a market of stocks. 4 HITS OUT OF 5 PREDICTIONS.  Correct on unemployment DOW finished up 7.5% for the year, so near-correct on that.  Trend of market was accurate. Correct on growth of economy. Correct on corporate investment.


19) With sincere hopes the following does not occur, I sense two natural disasters striking nearly simultaneously in the United States. A HIT. This occured on February 15th when the POLAR VORTEX was in full blast and a 4.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in South Carolina.




20) The Chicago Cubs will make it to the World Series. But I predict this every year, and will continue to predict it until it happens.


21) Remarkably, for the first time, a poll finally finds one person who actually approves of Congress.




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