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What is the most important moment of a Jewish Federation solicitation phone call? Think about it. What part of the call is the most significant in terms of piquing someone’s attention and gaining their deep interest so they are not immediately attempting to get off the call?

Many people think it’s the first sentence you say. In a way that first sentence is important, but nope. That’s not it. Some people think it’s the first phrase. Others think it’s the first word. Again, nope.


So here IS the most important moment, and also here is what to do with it. What I share with you here  will sound simple at first, but knowing this information will be absolute GOLD for you and your solicitation efforts.


The most important moment of a solicitation phone call is the first vowel sound of the first syllable of the first word you speak. 


Yes.  I’ll say it again. The first vowel sound of the first syllable of the first word you speak is the most important moment of the conversation.  There are other important moments too, of course, but this initial vowel sound is the most crucial.


And here is the real secret. Here’s what to do with that moment: 


This vowel sound MUST be elongated. 


“Hiiiiiiiiii.” … Or ”Helloooooooo.” … Or “Goooooooooood evening.” … Or “Heyyyyyyyy.” … Or “Jaaaaaane, how are you?” … Or “Sarahhhhhhh, good morning.”


(btw: Notice for “Helloooooooo,” the elongated vowel sound is in the second syllable, because that’s the accented syllable in normal speech. Same is true for “Sarahhhhhhhh.” So those kinds of words are the exception.)

If you have ever spoken to me on the phone, or if you have seen me speak or perform at a Federation event in person, my first accented vowel sound is elongated. I bound onto the stage and exclaim, “Gooooooooood evening!”


Boom. Bam. Zow. 


Why, why, why? Why must you elongate this particular sound?


The reason is when you do it, it stops people in their tracks. 

Yes, it truly halts people in the midst of whatever they are doing, thinking, feeling. By elongating this vowel two things occur. It comes off as warm and caring, plus for some reason, somehow, some way, it drawwwwwwwws people in, thus gaining their immediate attention. It totally gains their attention and interest.  It also brings focus to one of the most important words in all of language, that being a greeting word such as “hi” or “hello,” which are usually spoken as quick throw-away words. But they shouldn’t be throw-away words. Saying hello to someone is way too important.


This is just one of dozens of tips I have on increasing the effectiveness of your calls and also the effectiveness of your in-person communication. 

And of note, this one particular tip is not some  willy nilly idea. It has been tried and tested thousands of times over many years. It will work for you. I promise. So incorporate this mega-simple adjustment into your solicitation calls. The results will be felt immediately.


It is amazing how one small adjustment, one miniscule change, can have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge impact on your campaign. So share this tip in detail with ALL your solicitors. Use it on your Super Sunday.  Use it in all your conversations.  


And  heyyyyyyyyyyyyy, thank you. 


(c) copyright 2009, by Sidney Friedman.

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