84% accuracy this year !!!
"The irony of prognostication is that
in retrospect, accurate predictions seem obvious
while wrong predictions seem ludicrous."
- Sidney Friedman
Each year at New Year's time since 1996, Sidney Friedman (a.k.a. SidneySeer) has released predictions which have achieved a documented 71% accuracy (some years as high as 76% and never lower than 62%).  Plus, year after year, Friedman has nearly 100% success with his OSCAR predictions, missing only twice.
Through the years these predictions have been covered by major news and talk shows on CBS-TV, NBC-TV, ABC-TV, FOX-TV, WGN-TV and hundreds of radio programs.
A 71% overall accuracy for 14 years of publicly stated prognostications, including:
1) the earthquake on the east coast this past year.
2) Obama winning the 2008 election, predicted pre-primaries, against all punditry at that time.
3) the landing point of Hurricane Floyd, predicted on CBS News.
4) Martha Stewart's legal troubles, predicted on ABC-TV's
Martin Scorsese’s Oscar in 2007 after being denied year after year (and SidneySeer is nearly 100% for all his Oscar predictions through the years).
6) 2008's drop in oil prices.
7) the prediction on FOX-TV stating "the Mississippi River will significantly change course" which it did following Hurricane Katrina and the levees breaking.
8) the exact trend of the stock market in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
9) Steve Fossett's successful circumnavigation of the globe in a balloon.
The art of accurately sensing the future is rare and mystical.  Is he truly psychic, highly intuitive, or what?
Ironically, Friedman says about his predictions and the art of predicting: "Most of the future is unpredictable. That is as it should be. In fact, no one knows PRECISELY what will be. If we know exactly what will happen, the present would not exist. Also, to a large extent, we make the future.  But once in a while the curtain parts ever-so-slightly, revealing a glimpse of tomorrow's theater. We all get these hunches. Through a variety of techniques (explained in my
book and seminar), I attempt to interpret what many of these impressions truly mean -- sometimes successfully, sometimes not. Always though, my intention of releasing these foresights is for fun and curiosity."
Here are Friedman's
foresights for 2012:
(issued 12/27/11)
as stated this year on various media,
including WGN-TV, FOX-TV and the NEW YORK POST
(((( RESULTS AS OF 12/23/12 POSTED IN RED ))))
84% accuracy !!!
1.    Through the clutter of candidates and seemingly different poll leaders each week, Mitt Romney eventually will emerge as the Republican candidate for president. A HIT , though other candidates took the lead during the primaries (i.e. Perry and Gingrich), and pundits had contrary predictions.  
2.    President Obama will be re-elected. Period. This is not a political statement, but just what I foresee. I predicted Obama would win the presidency a year-and-a-half prior to the last presidential election when Hillary Clinton was favored, and even though the coming election will be a battle for the ages, especially with new voting
rules in many states and record amounts of campaign funding yielding an unprecedented number of attack ads cluttering the airwaves, Obama will still win. He will not win states like Indiana which he won last time, but he will win two southern states, including North Carolina or Virginia.  Also, two third-party candidates will siphon off votes from both the Republican and Democrat side. Plus, expect an August surprise. By the way, Mitt Romney will not win his home state of Massachusetts.
A HIT.  It may seem obvious in retrospect, but keep in mind, with the economy and a poor 1st debate performance by Obama, a different result could have easily occurred, PLUS Friedman AMAZINGLY  predicted Obama would carry TWO southern states (Virginia and Florida). Sidney was wrong about third party candidates, but all in all, his prediction was better than the New York Times' Nate Silver in that FRIEDMAN predicted this result a year in advance.
3.    Also, I predict Romney will actually not flip-flop for one week. And Obama for a few days will actually remember some of his campaign promises from 2008.  HA.  A jocular prediciton, but mazingly, neither of these occurred.   
4.   Jennifer Aniston will get engaged in 2012 or early 2013.
A TOTAL HIT. (And likely not anticipated by anyone but here.)   
5.   What's in the KARDS for the KARDashians? A Kardashian will "kollapse," but all will be fine. A HIT. As reported in pm April 10th, a pregnant Kourtney Kardashian fell in her high heels in NYC's Bryant Park on some stairs, but she was fine. 
6.   There will be a rash of injuries in the NBA, far more than normal, and especially eye injuries for some reason. A HIT. 
7.   Oprah Winfrey's return to TV with her new show on her OWN network does not boost the network's ratings with any significance. A HIT. 
8.   In North Korea, new leader Kim Jong-un will be Kim Jong-uninspired and Kim Jong-underwhelming. Surprisingly though, by year's end or early 2013, he will be seen enacting several key reforms for his country and also engaging in some talks with outside countries. Also, a mysterious death will occur among the ruling elite. All in all though, North Korea will remain enigmatic, unpredictable and potentially dangerous. MOSTLY A HIT.    
9.   I hope this does not occur, but I have a recurring impression a high-ranking foreign official is held hostage. 
A HIT.   The unfortunate and tragic death of ambassador Christopher Stevens upon the siege of the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on September 11th was even more calamitous than a hostage situation, but a high-ranking foreign official in this dangerous and fatal situation most likely makes this an accurate, yet regrettable vision of the future. 
10.  Regarding mother earth, I foresee upsetting earthquake activity on the west coast (most likely northern west coast). Also, volcanic activity becomes prominent in Iceland again.
A HIT. No major quakes or eruptions, but there was significant activity. 
11.  The doctor's bag and bowling bag as handbags become IN accessories for women. HALF A HIT. Not huge trend but still prominent.
12.  Food-wise, Jewish cooking (i.e. Matzoh balls and Gefilte fish) makes an entrance on general restaurant menus.  And more gluten-free cooking as restaurant choices will emerge in a big way. Also Nordic food (i.e. cured fish, even Snow Grouse, Reindeer and lingonberries) becomes a minor trend.
A HIT re: Jewish cooking as reported at on April 16th in an article titled "Gefilte Goes Mainstream." Re: Nordic and other Scandinavian food, England has seen a definite trend but so far only in pockets of the USA. And re: gluten-free, probably A HIT as the choices are increasing on menus, but we'll check this out further. 
13.  In music, former "Idol" star Ruben Studdard will make a comeback with his most successful album and single to date.  And hip-hop artist Estelle makes a big splash in the pool of music releases this year.  Plus, the music industry sees a significant increase in PAID music downloads.  A HIT regarding the increase of paid downloads. Not a hit re: Studdard and Estelle.

14.   In sports, the magic of quarterback Tim Tebow will wear off, and in comparison to top quarterbacks of the league, he will be several notches below them.  A HIT. 
15.  Contrary to everything Clooney has stated in the past about this subject, it will be announced that George Clooney will become a father!!!  A HIT. 

16.  I predict Miss Piggy will be snubbed at the OSCARS again.  ...Seriously, over 14 years doing dozens of OSCAR predictions, I have only missed on two, and have even predicted the exact year Scorsese would finally win his OSCAR after being ignored for many years. It's always a huge challenge, but here goes for this year: For the first time since 1987, Woody Allen wins an OSCAR with Best Original Screenplay for "Midnight in Paris." Octavia Spencer wins the Best Supporting Actress OSCAR for "The Help." I will have more OSCAR predictions released by mid-January, ahead of the nominations. Check back on this site. HITS ON BOTH OSCAR PREDICTIONS. 

17.  An unusual bug is found in Brooklyn.
A HIT. In April, at the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, they reported and published "Unusual Endocarditis: Rare bug, Rare Site" when a patient was diagnosed with rare vegetations on both sides of his heart, the first reported case of this type. Published source: 
18.  I don't exactly know what this vision means, but strangely, for a short time there is an UNOCCUPYING of Wall Street.  AN AMAZING HIT foretelling the effect on New York's Wall Street area as a result of HURRICANE SANDY where Wall Street and the markets were shut down and residnets had to leave their homes. 
19.  Snow was BIG news last year in New York City. This year it's water!!! Again, an AMAZING HIT regarding HURRICANE SANDY with water flooding the city, subways and islands.  
20.  Mysterious unfortunate deaths will occur on a subway system. A HIT. New York Subway in January.
21.  A rare and wonderful bird is spotted in Central Park.
22.  Unemployment will drop to 7.6%, with an outside possibility of 7.2%. That's still too high for the good of our country, but it's a significant improvement over where we've been in the last 3 years.  Btw: I predicted a drop last year against most punditry, and the unemployment rate did indeed drop. I hope, expect, plea, pray to be correct on this trend again.  A REMARKABLE HIT. Contrary to most pundits who at year's start said the rate would be lucky to drop to 8.5%, this FRIEDMAN prediction is on target with a reported rate of 7.7% announced in November. December's rate will likely be lower. 
23.  Credit unions will see increases in deposits but will not surpass big banks like Chase, BOM (Harris), and Citigroup. Interestingly, BofA may see a split into several smaller banking entities. So far A HIT re: credit unions. 
24.  Credit card delinquencies will drop slightly in the spring and early summer, then rise again in fall. Some card companies will issue new additional "programs" to help card members pay down their debt. So far A HIT on all.  
25.  Consumer spending will have some dramatic increases in Spring and again in the late Fall. Not a hit for Spring. A HIT for the Fall. 
26.  There is no reduction in airline baggage and legroom fees, but major airlines will issue special promotions and coupons to eliminate some of those fees on occasion.  A HIT.
27.  The foreclosure gridlock and housing market will not significantly improve. As I forecasted at the end of 2008, the rise and true emergence from the deep economic hole of that time will take 7 to 9 years. I predicted climbing, stumbling, and re-climbing. It's no different now with 4 to 6 years remaining. That being said, housing starts will increase ever-so-slightly.
A HIT so far.  
28.  Bank deposit rates increase just ever-so-slightly.  Loan rates will rise toward the end of the year. A HIT so far, as several banks raise their savings account rates, i.e AMerican Express Bank which raise its rate .05% in May and again in August, in spite of the Fed lowering the prime interest rate. Ally Bank, UFB Direct, Sallie May Bank and others raised rates slightly on savings and money market accounts.
29.  With bumps along the way and reactive drops relating to European economic news, overall the stock market will climb.
30.  The Occupy movement will continue, not so much in occupying parks, but in demonstrating at political rallies and conventions, AND most significantly, in Washington D.C. in front of the Capitol building and perhaps even the White House. Also, one or two spokespeople will emerge from that movement onto the media spotlight. A HIT on the first two-thirds. Not yet on the last sentence re: spokespeople.  
31.  Contrary to numerous statements by interpreters of the Mayan calendar and such, the world will NOT end in 2012.
(added 1/1/2012)  A HIT, but this one does not count.
32.  And hmm, the CUBS. Yes, year after year, I always predict they'll be in the World Series. So yes, this year they will finally make it. ...And I predict I'll be wrong again. HA.
Added 2/25/12: The OSCARS are tomorrow and this year I had no other solid impressions other than the two listed above from my December statements (made pre-nominations). A few more predictions though are coming into view: Although Viola Davis is favored/anticipated by most observers/critics to receive Best Actress, I am seeing Merryl Streep walking away with this honor. I also see Christopher Plummer winning Best Supporting Actor, though this one is apparently a bit more obvious. (Please note, as always, I never see the films, so my predicitons are not based on my opinion of performances, but rather solely on intuitive impressions.)
Also, expect a major wash of "silence" at the beginning of the broadcast. And I'm also foreseeing the highly unusual possibility of an actual tie in one category.
Plus, "The Artist" beats out "The Descendants" and "The Help" for Best Picture, though the latter two are favored by many. But "The Descendants" does win for Best Adapted Screenplay. "Rango" wins for Animated feature Film. Had a vivid dream about that title just two nights ago. And my deep hunch is that the Best Cinematography award goes to "Tree of Life" and Best Original Score goes to "The Artist." 
6 out of 7 Oscar predictions were HITS, including the surprise of Streep over Davis. Missed only on Cinematography. When you add these to the two accurate Oscar predictions in #16 above, that's 8 out of 9 in total.  
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