17.5 out of 23 were on target for a 76% accuracy.
(This excludes the annual jocular CUBS prediction.) 
released 12/31/2010
Two more predictions (added 1/16/11): At the OSCARS, I foresee Christian Bale will win Best Supporting Actor and David Fincher will win Best Director.
A HIT on the Bale prediction.  A MISS on the Fincher prediciton. 
Tumult in Toledo? Rancor in Raleigh? Bedbugs in Boston? Bling in Belgium? Whatís in store for 2011?
One person more than perhaps any other may know. Mentalist Sidney Friedman has a documented track record of 70% accuracy over 13 years of stating predictions on shows like ABC-TVís THE VIEW, NBC-TVís TODAY SHOW, and numerous local and national TV and radio shows. This includes a near perfect record of predicting OSCAR winners, only missing one time in that period.  And since including economic foresights two years ago, Friedman has been right on target, even with prognosticating the exact trend of the stock market.  Here he announces his completeFRIEDMANís FORECAST for 2011.
Even with his track record, Friedman says, ďFrankly, I didnít hit on many of the major events of the previous year, such as the massive oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. I did not foresee it happening. So this shows even with my heightened intuition, most of the future is not meant to be known and is a necessary mysterious part of life. Still, of what I did foresee, once again my accuracy was at 70%. Some years Iíve been higher, some years a bit lower.Ē
Here is the official FRIEDMANís FORECAST for 2011:
1) Lady Gaga becomes a teacher at a university. Maybe itís just for a day or two, but she lectures at a school of higher learning.
MOSTLY A HIT.  Although it wasn't a university, it turns out GAGA did work with school kids and sang with them on her Thanksgiving TV special.
2) A photo surfaces showing Justin Bieber kissing and groping with two women. One of the women is much older. Yes, itís blasphemes, and a lot of little girls will be upset, but hey itís just what I foresee.
HALF A HIT. Friedman did foresee something scandalous occuring with the clean-demeanored pop star. The paternity suit (which was later dropped) was a big news story in the fall. 
3) The country has wild fluctuations of warm and cold this winter. In fact, the cold will be so numbing, Nancy Pelosi (D) will think she had another face lift. It will be so cold they'll freeze all spending in Washington. It will ice the tears of John Boehner (R). All kidding aside, regardless of the cold spells, Chicago and New York will each have a 70 degree day in February.
MOSTLY A HIT.  Winter had huge fluctuations, and the thermometer rose to the rare 60s in both Chicago and New York in February.
4) A first for a royal wedding: Prince William and Kate Middleton invite a large group of "commoners" (everyday people) to their wedding party.  A HIT. 
5) Also, a strange illness besets Kate Middleton for a part of the year. It will pass and all will be fine. A HIT. 
6) Colin Firth wins an Oscar for Best Actor, his first (or firth) ever.  A HIT.  
7) I sense Natalie Portman winning an Oscar for Best Actress. Like Colin Firth, itís her first. A HIT. 
8) Economically in the U.S., I sense the climate in some ways continues to improve, slowly but surely. Here are more detailed predictions on this. The unemployment rate drops close to 7.7%, which is an improvement but still too high.  The stock market, amid some drastic fluctuations in springtime, has a steady rise before a distinct drop during summer, followed by a rise again to the end of the year. It will finish close or a touch lower than it is now. Also, Iím sensing perhaps some kind of legislation will be passed in Washington regarding exports/imports, probably regarding tariffs. Additionally, by summer there will be some major news regarding the banking industry and bad loans. Overall, there is increased optimism mixed in with growing anger over the divide between the haves and the have-nots, and even though there is inflation by the fall period.  But as I predicted at the end of 2008 just after the meltdown, a full recovery from that deep pit would take 7 to 8 years of climbing. We now have 5 to 6 more years before the U.S. is above ground. (Important: As always, with investments, consult a financial advisor and combine that input with your own research and intuition.)
A BUNCH OF HITS.  In spite of many economists forecasting the contrary, the unemployment rate did drop. It was 9.4% in Dec,  '10 and is now at 8.6%. It's not the 7.7% Friedman predicted but but still he foresaw a drastic downward trend.  Friedman's predictions of stock market activity is an absolute HIT, the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW HE HAS DONE THIS. Friedman's statement of "increased optimism mixed in with growing anger over the divide between the haves and have-nots" is also a HIT, especially with the slightly improved economic numbers along with the emergence of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. 
9) This I truly hope does not occur: A major league baseball player inexplicably dies on the field.   HALF A HIT. Sadly, Seattle Mariners outfielder Gregory Hallman was stabbed to death in Holland. 
10) I am not precisely certain of what this is, but an explosion in the sky is seen in the middle part of the country. A HIT. Eerily, in the early part of the year, in Arkansas, thousands of birds fell fromt the sky to their death. The same also occured in other mid-country states.
11) Fraud occurs in a state lottery. A HIT.  In June in Kentucky, four people were indicted on charges of state lottery fraud.
12) A major bridge malfunction occurs in New York City. MAYBE A HIT. This may have to do with the march of Occupy Movement disrupting traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge. Also, trains from New Haven to Grand Central were disrupted due to the Norwalk bridge malfuntion in early October.
13) Part of either New York City or Washington D.C. goes dark, perhaps as a result of some tremors. A TOTAL HIT. A rare east coast earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale occurred on August 23rd.
14) A new and beautiful species of bird is discovered.
A HIT. On August 30th it was announced that the first new species of bird in over 37 years was discovered in the U.S.
15) Like last year, when I correctly foresaw earthquake activity, there is more this year, this time in the Midwest and eastern part of the United States. The seismic activity will have some major affect on water.  A HIT.
16) New Jersey governor Chris Christie will be the Republican front-runner among Republicans by yearís end heading into primary season. A TOTAL MISS.  Whoops.
17) President Obamaís approval ratings rise in the early part of the year (probably end of January) and again in the fall. (I incorrectly predicted his approval ratings last year. Weíll see if I am better at this in 2011.)  HALF A HIT. His ratings dropped in the early part of the year, but have risen dramatically in the later part of the year.  
18) Malicious cyber attacks on Apple operating systems and on smartphones increases dramatically. A HIT.
19) Blue, the number 1 and the number 5 will be exceptionally significant this year. Not yet conclusive.
20) And once again, I predict the CUBS will make it to the World Series. I always predict this, and I wonít stop until it happens. So there!Wrong again! Ha.
Note: Additional Oscar predictions will be posted in the next two weeks.  One HIT, ONE MISS. (Posted at top of page.) 
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