Sidney Friedman is known for his predictions 
and corporate entertainment on major 
TV shows.
Chicago, New York, Los Angeles,
Las Vegas and around the globe
"mentalist to the stars" 
 - FORBES magazine
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The original, fun, warm, inspirational, reasonably-priced corporate entertainment and party idea, this show by mentalist Sidney Friedman in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and around the globe will transform your event.
A combination of futurist, mentalist, intuitive, mind power expert, musician, "mathemagician," and best-selling author, Friedman's MIND POWER SHOW is praised as the top brand of corporate event entertainment and holiday party entertainment.
Featured on the  TODAY SHOW  and  THE VIEW, written up in  FORBES MAGAZINE,  lauded by Fortune 100s, and a favorite of celebrities, his corporate and party entertainment show is an exciting experience of inspirational ESP, telepathy, mind games, audience involvement, and his exclusive Music Mind Reading.
LIFT your event. This is corporate and party entertainment for those who MUST WOW their audience. 
CLICK HERE to see why Sidney Friedman is one of the most sought-after corporate event entertainers for corporate event entertainment, party entertainment ideas, holiday party entertainment ideas, celebrity entertainment and society party entertainment in Chicago, Arizona, New York, Los Angeles, Florida,  and around the globe for sales meetings, team building, club events, birthdays, incentive programs, association meetings, executive dinners and client corporate entertainment.
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Standing Ovation on BROADWAY
Sidney Friedman seen here receiving 
a standing ovation at a corporate 
entertainment event in New York.
Imagine this excitement at your corporate event or party.  Last year, FRIEDMAN performed his entertainment show on Broadway in New York at the historic Hudson Theatre.(Anita Saha Photography)    
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More Reasons to Book Friedman:
1) Sidney Friedman's MIND POWER SHOW for party and corporate entertainment has an18-year track record of satisfying all kinds of tastes and interests in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and cities around the globe.
2) CHICAGO MAGAZINE rates Sidney Friedman a "TOP TALENT" for corporate and holiday party entertainment ideas.
3) "Extraordinary!"   -- Martha Rendell, ABN AMRO Funds 
4)  Don't take chances. Trust the reviews. Trust those who know.  We are so certain you'll love Sidney Friedman's show, we give a money-back guarantee of total satisfaction.
5)  A "triple threat," Sidney Friedman is considered by those in the know as one of the most effective and successful performers, mind power speakers, and prognosticators around.
Friedman performs his exclusive Music Mind Reading at an event in Chicago. He is a concert-quality pianist, and if you think of a tune in your head, he can mentally sense your song and then play it. CLICK HERE to find out more.
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Book Sidney Friedman  
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Book Sidney Friedman  
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party entertainment.
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