details about Sidney Friedman's show 
for corporate event entertainment, 
party entertainment and team building. details about Sidney Friedman's show 
for corporate event entertainment, 
party entertainment and team building. details about Sidney Friedman's show 
for corporate event entertainment, 
party entertainment and team building.
Are you having trouble finding corporate entertainment that will satisfy various tastes
Are you tired of the same old, hokey, shtick-filled party entertainment options
Are you looking for REASONABLY-PRICED corporate event entertainment that's intriguing, fun, different, inspirational, and memorable
Are you seeking a corporate entertainer who is 110% dedicated to making your party, meeting or corporate event a true success 
Sidney Friedman performs for many 
different types of corporate events 
and party entertainment.
If you are looking for all of the above and with a proven track record, then the critically acclaimed phenomenon Sidney Friedman will make your corporate event a winner!
Combine and multiply KRESKIN, BEETHOVEN, a young JAMES CAHN, and maybe EINSTEIN by ten and you'll get the impact of Sidney FRIEDMAN resulting in a performance that can only be described as a phenomenon.
You really have to see him live in person, but we will attempt to describe what he does. 
As you can read from the testimony, with a twinkle in his eye, Friedman demonstrates his mental gifts in a sophisticated, exciting, fun, appropriate manner that brings your event to a frenzy of excitement!
Of course, the audience can actually think of specific thoughts, and he will sense and reveal those thoughts to everyone.  (So be careful what you're thinking!)  BUT (and this is bizarre) you can think of A SONG MELODY; Friedman then sits at the piano, psychically senses your melody, and then plays it for everyone to hear. (He is also a concert-quality pianist.) Totally unique, this brings a standing ovation from the audience. SIDNEY IS THE ONLY PERSON ANYWHERE WHO CAN PERFORM THIS FEAT.
When comparing Sidney Friedman to any similar entertainer, celebrities and corporations consistently put Friedman at the top. This is probably because Friedman's audiences are not only entertained, but they feel elevated, enlightened and inspired.
For instance, in another part of the show, with Friedman's back turned, audience members place personal objects (like watches, pens, lighters, earings, etc.) on a tray or in a basket. He then turns around, picks up each object and senses to whom each belongs. Plus, more than any other person with this ability, just by holding each object, he performs the phenomenon of sensing interesting things about each person, providing good fun and wonderfully accurate revelations!!!
The most talked about phenomenon in his program is when Sidney Friedman makes a dream come true for someone in the audience. YES, he actually makes a dream come to fruition.
A unique featured audience favorite  is when a team of people stand in a line. Friedman hands each person a very large envelope. They're mixed into any order they wish. Yet, when they pull out the contents of their envelopes, each person is holding a letter of the alphabet which together spells IN THE CORRECT ORDER your company name, or the person who is being honored (or any featured message) !!!
But then, this is just the warm-up. Wait 'til you see it all!. 
Remember, something different always happens:  At a recent afternoon performance, Friedman concluded by taking the entire audience outside where he had one of them point to a cloud in the sky. Friedman then focussed on the cloud and made it dissipate into nothing.  It vanished.  Sidney Friedman actually made a cloud disappear.
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