In addition to Sidney Friedman's shows 
for corporate and party entertainment, 
he is also a best-selling author.
In 2000, Sidney Friedman released his first book on mind power. It helped thousands of people make their wishes come to fruition and became a national best-seller.
Titled YOUR MIND KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO: The Subconscious Secrets of Success, it reached #8 on the AMAZON Top 25 list and was highly acclaimed. This uplifting, eye-opening, mind-opening book by psychic, entertainer and author Sidney Friedman is a quick read packed with information on how to make your mind work in miraculous ways.
All right, enough hype. This hardcover book is available at all bookstores, on amazon, or you may receive an autographed copy here. A limited number of copies are available through us. The hardcover price is $22 plus $5 shipping in the USA. (We'll cover any applicable taxes.)
To receive an autographed copy, order securely at .  Follow the easy, safe instructions and make a payment to our e-mail address in the amount of $27.00 ($22.00 plus $5.00 shipping in USA). When they ask for a note, please indicate your name, complete shipping address and phone number. Also indicate to whom you would like Sidney Friedman to sign his book. (Call us for shipping rates outside of USA.)
Phone TOLL FREE1-888-649-MIND if you have questions, or 773-296-2445 outside of USA.
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